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Paul Wilson

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Ride 2 Ramah 2019 - New route, new riders

Paul Wilson

After a 2 year hiatus, we have managed to align our calendars to once again enjoy the side roads of Wisconsin as we ride the ~270 miles north from Madison to Camp Ramah in Conover, WI, in the middle of July.

We started this as just a little fun for a group of middle-aged eager cyclists whose kids love every minute of the time they spend in this particular slice of the Northwoods. One of my favorite things about Camp Ramah is that our daughters get to spend 8 weeks completely disconnected from the world and immersed in a place where old-fashioned face-to-face relationships are the norm. For over 7 years, they have been making new friends and learning about new people from all over the Midwest and beyond. To be sure, there have been ups and downs in the process of forming these relationships, but the intense, real-world experience that summer camps offer are more important today than ever in our often-too-connected world.

In recent years, we have also recognized the opportunity to give back to Camp Ramah by raising money that helps make this wonderful experience accessible to all children who want to be there. Our girls' camp experience has been enriched by many kids from many backgrounds, some of whom have certainly benefited from the scholarship funds available to help them attend. I hope that you will consider a gift to this cause that will allow even more children to have this experience of unplugging and navigating peer relationships in a meaningful and earnest way.

At the same time, while our daughters are in their own Shangri-La, our thoughts turn to children throughout the world who are in very different kinds of camps - camps that rob them of their childhood and traumatize them forever. Sadly, some of those camps are now in this country, where children are being treated in ways that no child - no human - ever should. Therefore, I am also riding to support the ACLU ( and the important work they are doing to protect the basic human rights of migrants arriving at our border. For every dollar pledged in my name to the Ride2Ramah fundraiser, we will make a matching 25% donation to ACLU.

So, whether you like me (or, more likely, my kids), whether you like summer camp and want more kids to have that experience, whether you like cycling and want to support those who ride, or whether you believe that standing up for human rights at the border is one of the critical issues of our time – or whether you (hopefully) support all of these things! – I hope you’ll consider giving what you can. Whether it’s $18, $25, 10¢/mile, or more, I’ll be grateful for your support.


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Thanks for the reminder to contribute!
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Great project, Paul! Many thanks for the opportunity to donate!
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Safe travels, and enjoy.
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Beber fans supporting kids’ happy places. Have a great ride!
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