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Mark Copelovitch

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Mark Copelovitch - Ride 2 Ramah, July 8-11, 2019

Mark Copelovitch

This summer, our small peloton of Beth Israel Center members and Ramah parents from Madison and Chicago will again ride our bikes - ~280 miles over four days - from Madison to Conover to raise money to help kids attend camp.

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin is my kids' favorite place, and their time in Conover each summer has become such a vital part of their Jewish experience and education. For my son, Micah, who is on the autism spectrum, the Tikvah program ( and its amazing staff have been an absolute blessing, enabling him to have a camp experience that we weren’t sure would ever be possible and helping him to grow in new ways each year. With the help of Ramah Wisconsin, we are incredibly fortunate to be able to afford to send Dafna and Micah to camp each year. We’re riding to help make sure that as many of our community’s kids as possible have the same opportunity to share in the magic of camp.

I’m also mindful of how incredibly fortunate we are in the bigger picture. So this year, I’m also riding to raise money for HIAS (, the Jewish organization dedicated to refugee protection. For every dollar you pledge in support of Ride2Ramah, I will make a matching 25% donation to HIAS, in support of their urgently important work in supporting and advocating for refugees and asylum seekers. Like so many Jewish families, my family fled persecution in Eastern Europe over a century ago, seeking safety and a better life in North America. The refugees arriving today – whether on the southern border or fleeing turmoil in other parts of the world – differ from my ancestors only in the insignificant details. They are seeking the same chances and safety, and, as Jews and Americans, we have a moral imperative to welcome and support them. HIAS is on the front lines doing amazing work, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting them.

So, whether you like me (or, more likely, my kids) and want to support us, whether you like summer camp and want more kids to have that experience, whether you like cycling and want to support those who ride, or whether you believe that refugee protection is one of the critical issues of our time – or whether you (hopefully) support all of these things! – I hope you’ll consider giving what you can. Whether it’s $18, $25, 10¢/mile, or more, I’ll be grateful for your support.



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